Our Partners

Firm7 is part of a group of several experienced and well established companies.

Swissinnovision s.r.o.

Sinnopartners s.r.o.

We are proud to collaborate with these companies, provide their customers with our best quality of services and support them in their projects.

Swissinnovison s.r.o.  is a Business Coaching & Consulting  and training company established in Slovakia sinces years, but also active in several European countries. The list of its prestigious customer as well as startups clearly shows the broad range of experience and the quality of its services.

Sinnopartners s.r.o. is mostly active to help the expats establishing their company and successfully relocate or develop their business in Europe. Investors from abroad as well as start ups looking for opportunities, benefit form experiences of Sinnopartners s.r.o. advisers and the list of possibilities and companies to collaborate with. Those companies are active in different fields of services or products and have long business relationship with Sinnopartners s.r.o. and Swissinnovision s.r.o.

By visiting the websites of our business partners, you will surely benefit from their full support and valuable advises.

We invite to contact them directly, should you require more detailed information about their services.

Wish you a lot of success in your future projects.